Start your weekendbreak or Malawi holiday peaceful

Enjoy stunning views of Lake Malawi and the Rainforest

Sweet dreams in our beautiful accommodation

Feel welcome by our local friendly staff

Celebrate Christmas

Enjoy a peaceful get together with your beloved ones during Christmas.

In the serene settings of the Ntchisi Forest Reserve and its surroundings you will be able to celebrate a wonderful Christmas.

A taste of the activities:

  • A candlelit christmas dinner
  • Local choir on our lawn
  • Stargazing from the khonde
  • Playing games in front of the logfire
  • A taste of our famous cinnemon rolls […]

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Cultural Package

A visit to Malawi means a visit to the Warm Heart of Africa. You can’t leave the country without an encounter with the local people. We offer a cultural package that will be informative, active, fun and a memorable experience you will never forget. The package deal is only valid for a minimum stay of two days.

What can you expect:

  • A village walk which will bring you to the local school, a brewery, the chief and some local shops.
  • A visit to Sunset Rock with a complimentary drink
  • A walk with a traditional healer. Visit his house and drink a cup of herbal tea. Lunch in the […]

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