Village Walk

Ntchisi is a very undeveloped area as yet untouched by mass tourism, and you get to experience the real Africa on our village walks. Walks may take in a visit to the local school, the village library, the chief, a brewery or any other interests you discuss with our guide.

Traditional Healer

The local traditional healer gives you a guided tour of the forest and around the vilage to discover a wide variety of plants that can be used for food, medicine and other practical purposes.

Gule Wamkule

Also known as the Great Dance. Traditionally the dance is performed for different occasions like weddings, funerals, installation of a chief but also for male initiation. It is an ancestral dance performed by spirits and animals collectively called Zilombo (masked dancers). Upon request, The Gule Wamkulu group from the village also gives perfomances  to guests of the lodge.


The children from Mpamila pre-school and primary school always love to meet guests. If you would like to participate in classes, let us know. The kids and teachers will be thrilled! For other voluntarily work we will have to look together with you and partners of the community if you can be of added value.