The Ntchisi Forest Reserve was used as a refuge by the local Chewa tribe against attacks by the warring Ngonis in the 19th Century. Because the forest proved so vital as a shelter for people, it largely escaped the deforestation for firewood that has unfortunately decimated so much of Africa’s indigenous woodlands. It later became a designated Forest Reserve and a protected area. 

The lodge is set in an old colonial building dating back to 1914. It was built by the then British District Commissioner, D.C. John Canyon, as his leisure residence. He regularly escaped the hot lakeshore in the summer and went to Ntchisi to enjoy the stunning views and healthy climate of the lodge.

Later on the lodge was used as a resthouse by the Forestry Department. First reviews from guests date back to the early 1970’s. Before the start of the new Millenium the Governement privatisised the lodge as with many other Forest properties in the country. It has since than be run by an English lady and later on a danish/english couple. Since the end of 2013 new owners Ans, Marleen and Joost have taken over and are celebrating the 100th anniversary of the lodge in 2014.