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DSC07858You can’t have missed her during your stay with us: Jenala, one of our two female staff members. When she’s not in the kitchen, she is doing the laundry, making the beds or picking flowers to decorate the rooms.

Jenala is 25 years old and is married to Esou. She’s the first born of four brothers and three sisters and lives together with Esou in Chintembwe, some 3 km from the lodge. She started working in the lodge almost 4 ½ years ago. She applied to a vacancy and was hired as indoor staff member. Until a little year ago, she was the only female in the staff team. This is her first job and she likes it very much. A working day for Jenala means making breakfast and lunch for the guests, cleaning the rooms, doing the laundry and making sure the lodge looks nice and clean.

Jenela gardenWhen she is off, she admits that she misses work.. Although she has plenty to do at home: in 2015, she gave birth to a beautiful son, Louis. Esou and Jenala have a big garden where they grow beans , sweet potato, groundnuts and maize, for own consumption and for selling. Working in the garden is also part of her off-day duties: weeding, ploughing or harvesting. Other than that, she loves to meet with friends and read short stories or romantic novels. In the lodge, she has proven to be a great cook. She makes the best mango and strawberry jams, orange marmalade, chutneys, salads, breads, and more… No doubt that you have tasted her cooking during your stay with us. Her message to you is ‘you’ll be welcome! You find good food here, evergreen forest and great views.’


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