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InnocentInnocent has served Ntchisi Forest Lodge for almost three years. We are very happy for all the work and effort Innocent has put into making our guest feel welcome and at home. Unfortunately Innocent has taken up a new challenge and will start September 1st in his new job in Blantyre. We have asked Innocent a few questions about his time in the lodge.

How do you look back at the three years you stayed at Ntchisi Forest Lodge?
I look back at my stay at Ntchisi Forest Lodge as the pivotal period of my career in management. It was the first time I managed a lodge with minimal or no supervision. I feel this time has equipped me with the essential management skills I needed to propel myself to greater management lengths in the industry. I came in with half-baked management skills and leaving with a ‘fully baked’ cake.

What will you miss most about the place?
There are 3 main things I will miss about this place: first is the interaction with people from all around the world which was awesome. I learnt quite a lot from talking to guests from all over the world. I will also miss the amazing environment in Ntchisi. A place so quiet and air so fresh. And finally I will miss what has been my ‘family’. All staff and directors of the lodge. They were always there and as a team we have accomplished a lot.

What is your new challenge?
From 1st September, 2015, I take on a new challenge as I join The Responsible Safari Company (RSC) in Blantyre, working as a Senior Sales Consultant. Putting my Ntchisi community projects experience to use, I will also double as Projects Coordinator on all RSC’s community projects in Malawi.

Do have anything to say to our beloved guests?
To all guests at Ntchisi Forest Lodge, I say it is awesome that you guys realise how special this place is and thank you for the support over the years. I hope you can spread the word and also help save the rain forest. I will miss you but hopefully we will cross paths somewhere in the country!

Innocent’s last day in the lodge will be 25th of August.



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