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evelyneHave you always been curious to know more about the curing secrets in nature? Then a walk with our traditional healer, Evelyne, is a must. Evelyne Ngoza (31) has three children, is a traditional herbalist from neighbouring community Mpamila. She explains her profession as mixing plants and trees for medicinal use to assist people who suffer from pains and diseases. She can for instance cure headaches, tooth aches, stomach aches, coughing or even yellow fever with her herbal mixtures. She only refers people to hospital when it’s obvious that they suffer from diseases such as malaria that she cannot cure herself.

The art of being a herbalist has been passed on from generation to generation. At a very young age already, Evelyne was taken out to the field and the forest by her mother to learn everything about trees, plants and roots. Her mother, who passed away four years ago, was a very famous herbalist. People would come from all over the country, even from Zambia, to consult her.

When she married Evelyne’s father, he soon became interested in this expertise as well. Eventually he was the one who wrote all the recipes and knowledge in a small booklet. Evelyne is proud when she shows her valuable book. We read for instance that a bit of soil from a certain legume in your porridge can stabilize your heartbeating. She is still learning more, exchanging recipes and information with a few other herbalists in the region.

Evelyne is also introducing her firstborn, Thomas (11 years old) to the herbalist tradition. She is very happy that she can support her family with support from our guests that go on a tour with her. And in return she learns new things from every guest, like how certain diseases are being dealt with in other countries. She clearly lives her passion and hopes to continue for many more years.

Please inform us if you want to do a traditional healing walk with Evelyne the next time you are visiting us.


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